the life of a modern hippy

the life of a modern hippy

Thursday, January 28, 2010

it's a lovers kinda world

Love...what does that word really mean? Love is one of the most complicated words in the entire world. When you are five and you are just starting school your definition of love is eww, gross, boys or girls have coodies. Kids run around looking at each other and they don't think, "oh that could be my boyfriend one day" or "that girl is so cute." Kids lives are so simple they love their parents and their family. One day those precious little kids will become teenagers and then their worlds will be rocked by the thought of having a boyfriend or girlfriend. What runs through a teenage girl's mind when a boy tells her he loves her?? The answer to this is simple...they fall completely and totally madly in love with that boy even if he didn't mean it. Sometimes these four simple letters seem to cause more drama then a massive car wreck in New York City. To teenagers the word love is more than just a feeling and more that just a way to sign a note it means perfect, amazing, beautiful, tears on your pillow, outbursts of laughter, giggling everytime you see each other walking through the halls of your high school. It becomes a war between your head and your heart. As we turn the pages in our lives from teenagers to adults it suddenly becomes clear that love is so much more than the way we sign out letters than the way we say goodbye but its like a deep and caring emotion. We always love out parents and we love our God but to love another human being its the most intense kind of feeling that could ever come to another persons mind. Your heart has to ache for that person and need them more than anyone else on the face of the earth. That person is the only person on your mind day and night. Every morning you wake up you feel a burning passion for that person. Love is a messy thing and throughout life I think about the way different boyfriends have told me they love me and I think to myself wow how did I ever fall for all of the lies. Love is also a beautiful thing in this world but it would be so much better if people didn't abuse these word or the feeling. Maybe next time we look at a heart you will think of someone you truly love. Peace & love dear friends.

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