the life of a modern hippy

the life of a modern hippy

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away!

The rain is getting a little old Mother Nature. Once again it is raining here in the glorious Russellville, Arkansas. I am so sick of the rain! I want some sunshine in my life again. Spring break is just around the corner and everyone is starting to go on their so called diets but not me, this spring break I get to stay home and get my wisdom taken out. That is exactly what I dreamed of doing for my first spring break in college...NOT!! Honestly I am ready for summer to be here but who isn't ready for the freedom and the warm weather. I don't have a job here in Russellville but I do have one back home so I really need to go home and work for a couple of weekends. I love my job back home, MovieTown. It's a lovely little hole in the wall movie store that pratically everyone in Van Buren uses all the time. We have an all girl staff at the store which is great at times then not so great at other times. I love going to the store in the summer time and just being able to meet new people or converse with an old customer but in the winter no one wants to stay and chat for long or come out of their houses half the time so I get bored. So work is the first thing I am looking forward to this summer then there is the lake. I love going to the lake. My family takes so many trips throughout the summer but just simply taking our boat out on the beautiful Arkansas lakes is probably my favorite thing. Its the simple things in life that make us happy such as laying out in the hot sun in the middle of July in a boat surrounded by your family and your very best friends.

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