the life of a modern hippy

the life of a modern hippy

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Ozark Mission Project aka my life in the summer! My big is on staff again this year. I can not wait for camp. I've been to OMP every summer since eigth grade, I can't imagine my summer without at least one week of OMP. It is the most amazing experience to help someone in need and give them the Lord's word. Every year I meet a neighbor and I know that God has sent me this very person for a reason. That reason may just be because they are lonely but other times it has been they needed someone to show them the way or give that little push they needed to do great things in their area. One summer I was in West Memphis and I worked for this older couple in a very rough part of town. Mr. Berry was the most generous man I have ever worked for at OMP. This was the year I realized God sent me there for a reason. Mr. Berry's wife was very sick with cancer and I was aware of this. He had built his house after they had gotten married over 60 years before which is amazing. This house was literally falling down though. All this sweet little man wanted was for us to paint his house but I found out all he really wanted was someone to talk to. For three days I sat on his back porch with him or he would follow me around while I painted and he would just talk to me. I learned valuable lessons that year at camp, don't trust a man unless you can see both of his hands was one of the first things Mr. Berry ever told me and that scared me but then I realized that where he is from that was just a part of everyday life. My life was changed that week and every year I return to OMP and get more and more filled with God's spirit and life and it lifts me up just to think about all the people I have helped!

1 Year of College DOWN!!

WOW!! I can't believe that my first year in college is coming to an end. I have made so many friends this year that I know I could never live without and now I'm not sure how I made it this far in life without them. To kick off my freshman year I joined Delta Zeta, best decision I ever made! Soon after I found out who my big was and she has become a major part of my life and my best friend. I learned my sisters are there for me when the rest of the world shuts me out, boys do not matter, and the library is very over rated! My sisters have become my backbone and the people I depend upon for everything. I am dating someone now, Travis. He became one of my closet friends this past semester and we just clicked. I've made that one guy best friend that every girl should have, Derek! He means the world and so much more to me and I don't know how I survived last semester without him. Chad has come in and out of my life but I love the boy to death and we will always be close no matter who he dates. Computers hate me and so do canoes apparently. I've gotten more bruises and cuts and kidney stones this year than any one person should ever have in their entire life. But through all the pain I gained a little from each experience and I know that I've changed for the better this past year. My friends are amazing, DZ is life, and ATU is my home.

Finals Week

It's finals week again! Oh the joys of college life. Random trips to the park at night, playing monopoly in Nutt, and taking random adventures to the middle of no where with my BIG!! Those are just a few of the random things I have done this week. It has been insane. Who needs to study on finals week apprently not the crazy girls that live in south hall. Last semesters finals week was stressful for me because I was trying to move out of my old room, study for tests, and pack to go home for Christmas break it was all pretty out of control! But this semester I am so much more laid back about my life in general. I love everything that is going on and I want to take this last week in Russellville to spend time with the people that I love the most.

Caf Conversations

Oh the caf. When coming into college I dreaded going to the caf because I never went in high school but I knew that in college things are completely different and I kind of had to eat at some point. I always go to the caf at noon with a group of my sisters and other friends. We always have the most random conversations that are quite pointless actually. Everything is out on the table from what people are doing that weekend to who is on the news to politics. The food is always an interesting combination to go along with our randomness. Sometimes we laugh so loud that everyone looks at us but at least we are laughing instead of throwing orange soda at each other which we have seen happen between some of the football players that eat there. Things that you start to notice in the caf are interesting as well such as all the football players drink HiC punch or gatorade, you can tell when someone is a freshman because the first thing they go for is the pizza, and the random people who make stuffed animals into backpacks. All the fraternities sit together, cereal is always a must if nothing else is good, you can turn bending silver ware into an art form....oh and the steak and shrimp night is very over rated. The caf is a must at least in a persons college career:)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Update on the WM3

There is new information about the West Memphis Three. On April 28th, 2010 Gov. Mike Beebe appointed Special Judge for the Supremem Court to hear the appeals of the WM3. Next the high courts have a set a date for the oral arguments to begin. The oral arguments for the appeals of Damien Echols has been set to start on September 30th, 2010. According to legal papers the appeals will include new DNA evidence in the case and Damien is also appealing because of blatant juror misconduct. Many people are pulling for the high courts to overturn the convictions of these three men.

Moving On

About three weeks ago I got a phone call from my best friend that her and her boyfriend of three years had broken up. Leah is definately a fighter for what she wants I've seen her cry, laugh, and get pissed about numerous things in the past few weeks. I love my friends and I just want them all to be happy but when she asked me how I got over the boy I loved for a year I wasn't sure how to respond because you can never truly get over your first love. Your first love is like that constant in your life that you never want to leave, the whisper in the wind when you know you're all alone, the hands that hold you tight when the rest of the world shuts you out, and the person that you couldn't imagine your life without. Sometimes I look back on my relationship and wonder if I really was in love or if I just loved everything about him. I loved his smile, the way he made me feel, the way he told me everything would be ok, but was I really in love with our relationship and him? I don't think I ever truly was in love with him. He was my everything and more but did I want to spend the rest of my life with him, probably not because I wasn't crazy about fighting everyday or going a few days without speaking to each other. That isn't how a relationship works. It takes two people, two hearts, and two souls to over come everything in a relationship. You have to have full trust in a person and to know that they trust you just as much. Relationships are hard these days and people don't have enough respect for each other. More marriages fall apart than ever before and more people lie to their spouse now than past times. Your significant other is supposed to be the person you go to for everything, your best friend, and your soul mate so if you can't trust that person then why be with them in the first place.

Sigma Pi Anti-Formal

Oh what a wonderful weekend that was. First of all I love all the Sigma Pi boys! They are all amazing guys. I'm probably a little partial to them just because I am dating one of them, Travis. Anti-formal? What a strange thing! Well to be honest it was one of the greatest weekends of my life. I had a blast! We all drove up on Friday afternoon. Travis drove my jeep and we got to have a nice little ride together just the two of us, the road, and the radio. I loved every second of it. There were some major storms coming in so at first we weren't sure if we would even be able to go but we managed to miss the storms perfectly and just got a little rain on the way there and right as we got there. Friday night we set up camp and had a little fun just hanging out and cooking hot dogs around the fire. Saturday morning we got up to some slightly chilly weather but all was well. We drove first to Ponca to get out canoes then we set off on an adventure. We put in and there was no looking back. TWe had a nice little group right as we started off that tried to stay together. It was myself and Travis in one canoe and Becky and Bill in the other canoe. We were qute a matchup. After tipping the canoe several times & many bruises later we finally made it to Kyle's Landing which was were our takeout was. Saturday night we drove past Jasper to eat at The Hub which had amazing food! Then we went back to camp and just sat around the camp fire and talked about the day. Life is good when you have good friends, a camp fire, and a body of water close by. I loved anti-formal 2010 and hopefully we will have another float trip really soon.

Rho Sigma

I've been chosen as a Rho Sigma for Fall 2010 Sorority Recruitment. We have had several trainings already and they have all been very beneficial to me. A Rho Sigma must partially disafiliate from their chapter throughout the duration of summer & during fall recruitment. Being a Rho Sigma means being friends with the girls going through recruitment. We are disafiliated so that it doesn't matter what chapter we are in it is what that particular girl feels fits her best. We don't want any girl to choose a chapter if she doesn't feel like she fully fits in with that chapter. When I went through fall recruitment I was very torn betweeen chapters after the first round of recruitment and even though I knew what chapters both of my Rho Sigmas were in I did not let it affect my decision to go Delta Zeta. Delta Zeta is where my heart was the entire time of recruitment and even though I never really knew if I had gotten into Delta Zeta up until Bid Day I had already felt a strong connection with the girls I now call my sisters. I am so pumped for Fall 2010 Recruitment and can't wait to have new sisters!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Greek Week 2010 started this past Sunday with Wacky Games and Intramural Flag Football. Delta Zeta did an amazing job in all the wacky games. We got first in the Flag Football. Good job to the ladies of Zeta Tau Alpha and Phi Mu. Everyone is doing an amazing job. Monday night was step show! The men of Alpha Phi Alpha and Alpha Tau Omega really stepped it up this year winning the fraternity division of Step Show. The ladies of Phi Mu took first place in the sorority division with the rockin' little show of Kopz & Konvictz!! It looked amazing! Zeta Tau Alpha took first place over all. Congrats to all the winners. Everyone else did an amazing job as well. Tuesday was intramural basketball. The ladies of Delta Zeta took home the gold with a win over Zeta Tau Alpha. Good job ladies. I love me some DZ! The men of Sigma Pi won overall for the fraternaties. Good job Sigma Pi. Wednesday was Badge wear and I absolutely loved seeing all the Greeks around campus wearing their amazing badge wear all day! Good luck the rest of the week to all of the greeks!!

Life Lately......

Tons of things have been going on in my life lately. First of all I am the new Vice-President for the Arkansas Tech PRSSA Chapter. Congrats to the other new officers as well it is going to be an amazing year!
The weather is warm and I am so ready for the lake. Summer is my favorite time of the year and the more I'm outside walking around campus or taking a jog the more I want to be on the boat on the lake just floating along and enjoying life. My family goes to the lake at all different time throughout the summer. Spending time with my family is a very big deal to me so I love just escaping to the lake and getting to relax. If I could actually be away from my phone for more than an hour I would probably relax a little more.
Its already time to start making schedules for the fall. Its stressful but at the sametime I am so ready for a little change in pace. I found out I will be living in South Hall again! This is pretty exciting for all of you that don't know South Hall is pretty much THE place to be these days. I'll be living with my best friend and sister Paige. Fall 2010 is going to be a great semester I got all of the classes I wanted and I can't wait for fall recruitment to start!


Monday, March 29, 2010

Free The West Memphis Three

Free the West Memphis Three. This has become a common phrase for me. I am an advocate and a voice for the West Memphis Three. The West Memphis Three are three men who have spent time in jail for something they should of never even been on trial for. These three men are Damien Echols, Jessie Miskelley, and Jason Baldwin. They were all accused of murdering three young boys in West Memphis, Arkansas. These three men have been in jail for seventeen years for crimes they did not commit. Many people have chosen to support the West Memphis Three, I am just one voice within thousands. I plan to write more about their story and some of the appeals cases that they have been through.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Oh the things that Facebook can tell us. Who is that in a relationship? Why is this person sad? Facebook makes it so easy to find out every aspect of our friends lives. I'm honestly not sure what I did before the crazy world of facebook. Its an interesting little world out there. Sometimes I wonder who exactly looks at my profile or pictures or other various things I provide my viewers with. I remember the first time I ever heard of Facebook, I was in the ninth grade and these people from the U of A were talking to us about how college students meet other people on campus and Facebook was one of their many tools. At that time you had to be a certain age to have facebook or you had to be in college. Well as soon as it was an open site I was one of the first people at my high school to get it. I loved having new friend requests everyday and messages and at that point I didn't have a cell phone so it was really my only way of figuring things out. Now there is Facebook around the world and even my parents and fourteen year old brother have a Facebook. Thankfully my grandma isn't quite sure how to work a computer so she doesn't have Facebook but I see peoples' grandparents on there everyday. Facebook really is an amazing thing depending on how you use it. If you use it in a way that could be hurtful then you shouldn't use it at all but if it's in a positive way then go for it!

Powerpoint Slides for Class

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Take Opprotunities & Chances

Lately my life has been going right as I have planned. There are a few things I would like to improve on such as my study habits or the amount of time I spend wasting time or getting into shape at the gym but for the most part I am happy with the way things are going. I have amazing friends and amazing sisters, the greatest family life could ask for, I'm going to college and one day I will have an amazing career. This semester I've accomplished a couple of my goals already. I hold a chair position in Delta Zeta. I have also joined PRSSA and plan to run for an exec position. I want to be involved on my campus and the more involved I am the more things I can have experience with. My advice to incoming freshman would have to be to get involved on our campus. Arkansas Tech offers so many opprotunities to get involved so take those and use them to your advantage.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gym Time/Spring Break

It's almost Spring Break which means that I have started hitting the gym along with every other person who is wanting to get in shape for Spring Break or just in general. Tech Fit is a nice gym but during the hours they are open its so crowded that I don't want to go in there so I've joined Maxx Nutirtion not to far from the campus so that I can go at my own convenience. Maxx is open until 1 am and my roommate, Charissa and I go together because its always nice to have someone to talk to while your working out.
I've noticed since Charissa and I have started going to the gym together that we have grown much closer. We discuss everything from politics to our love lives. Its a time for us to just let loose and be ourselves without anyone else's criticism.
Spring Break is coming up and with that comes my birthday as well. March 14 YAY!! But my spring break this year will not consist of beaches, sand, and an ocean but the inside of a movie store. MovieTown is where I will spend my spring break because I am a broke college student that needs money to pay her bills. So many things to do just not enough money to do them with. I have a list of things I want a Northface jacket, Vera Bradley tote bag, a new tattoo, new shoes, a Delta Zeta bag, and a Delta Zeta jacket. The list goes on and on. Clothes are definately something that I want and need more of these days so these are my reason and my motivation for working all of spring break while my friends are all out on cruises or beaches.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sisters for Life

When I joined Delta Zeta I didn't realize how much there was under the surface of just being in a sorority. The day I joined Delta Zeta I had no idea that I was joining a life long sisterhood. I have two sisters at home and they are always there in the blink of an eye but when I came to college there was no way for them to truly be there for me. By joining Delta Zeta I gained 60 new sisters who are there through thick and thin. This first year of college has been hard for me here at Arkansas Tech but I get by with a little help from my sisters. Being a true sister means never giving up on someone, being their shoulder to cry on when boys are dumb, just a phone call away no matter what time of night it may be. There is a bond between my sisters and myself that no one could come between. They make me happy even on the cloudiest of days. I find a peace of mind in each of them that I wish I could find in myself sometimes. I know that I could move thousands of miles away and still talk to them like it was yesterday. My big sis, Erica Hill, has been a huge influence on me this past semester. Throughout high school I had friends that would come and go and I had those few close ones that I still talk to every once in a while and when I came to college I told myself I wouldn't just have random friends I would have best friends with bonds that lasted forever and the first person to step into my life that I know will never leave my side is Erica. She has counseled me through former roommate problems to boy issues she sticks close by me and I know that no matter the distance we will always be closer than best friends could imagine.

My Magazine Covers I've been working on:

&& the originals:

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

all you need is love

The Beatles inspire me to write. Not only do I want to write I want to sing and dance and just have fun and be wild, young, and free. I love my life right now espeically since the Beatles are what is playing throughout my room. They are so amazing. Their words inspire me and motivate me more than anything. When the world goes cold and there is no one there to turn to I turn to my music. Music is my escape from the real world.
This week has been extremely hectic and sometimes I just need to stop and breathe and listen to the Beatles and think about John Lennon because he always makes me happy or I could just look at my amazing tattoo on my foot with his lyrics:)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away!

The rain is getting a little old Mother Nature. Once again it is raining here in the glorious Russellville, Arkansas. I am so sick of the rain! I want some sunshine in my life again. Spring break is just around the corner and everyone is starting to go on their so called diets but not me, this spring break I get to stay home and get my wisdom taken out. That is exactly what I dreamed of doing for my first spring break in college...NOT!! Honestly I am ready for summer to be here but who isn't ready for the freedom and the warm weather. I don't have a job here in Russellville but I do have one back home so I really need to go home and work for a couple of weekends. I love my job back home, MovieTown. It's a lovely little hole in the wall movie store that pratically everyone in Van Buren uses all the time. We have an all girl staff at the store which is great at times then not so great at other times. I love going to the store in the summer time and just being able to meet new people or converse with an old customer but in the winter no one wants to stay and chat for long or come out of their houses half the time so I get bored. So work is the first thing I am looking forward to this summer then there is the lake. I love going to the lake. My family takes so many trips throughout the summer but just simply taking our boat out on the beautiful Arkansas lakes is probably my favorite thing. Its the simple things in life that make us happy such as laying out in the hot sun in the middle of July in a boat surrounded by your family and your very best friends.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

it's a lovers kinda world

Love...what does that word really mean? Love is one of the most complicated words in the entire world. When you are five and you are just starting school your definition of love is eww, gross, boys or girls have coodies. Kids run around looking at each other and they don't think, "oh that could be my boyfriend one day" or "that girl is so cute." Kids lives are so simple they love their parents and their family. One day those precious little kids will become teenagers and then their worlds will be rocked by the thought of having a boyfriend or girlfriend. What runs through a teenage girl's mind when a boy tells her he loves her?? The answer to this is simple...they fall completely and totally madly in love with that boy even if he didn't mean it. Sometimes these four simple letters seem to cause more drama then a massive car wreck in New York City. To teenagers the word love is more than just a feeling and more that just a way to sign a note it means perfect, amazing, beautiful, tears on your pillow, outbursts of laughter, giggling everytime you see each other walking through the halls of your high school. It becomes a war between your head and your heart. As we turn the pages in our lives from teenagers to adults it suddenly becomes clear that love is so much more than the way we sign out letters than the way we say goodbye but its like a deep and caring emotion. We always love out parents and we love our God but to love another human being its the most intense kind of feeling that could ever come to another persons mind. Your heart has to ache for that person and need them more than anyone else on the face of the earth. That person is the only person on your mind day and night. Every morning you wake up you feel a burning passion for that person. Love is a messy thing and throughout life I think about the way different boyfriends have told me they love me and I think to myself wow how did I ever fall for all of the lies. Love is also a beautiful thing in this world but it would be so much better if people didn't abuse these word or the feeling. Maybe next time we look at a heart you will think of someone you truly love. Peace & love dear friends.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My first blog. What exactly are you supposed to write in your first ever blog? Maybe all about yourself, about the people in your life, who you are, if not then oh well but that is where I shall begin. My name is Chelsea. I am from a small town in Arkansas. Cedarville to be exact. It is a quaint little town that doesn't see too much drama within its forest covered hills. I love it there. Don't get me wrong the city is a lovely place to be but the place I call home with all of its trees is right where I want to be. To give a great description of my hometown I would just simply tell you to listen to the song Small Town USA by Justin Moore. It is a perfect song to explain everything about Cedarville and its charm. Now to my family. My parents are divorced so I guess that technically means that I now have four parents instead of the typical two. My dad and stepmom are pretty great but my mom and stepdad are the best by far. I love all of my parents though. My mom is like my best friend. She is simply one of a kind. There are no other mothers like her that is for sure. I have one real legit brother, Dylan and two step sisters and two other step brothers. My siblings make my life interesting.
Well then now that the home life is out of the way I can tell you about the part of my life that is sure to fill up my blog, college. I am unfortunately just a tiny little freshman at Arkansas Tech University. I am a Journalism-Public Relations major. I am a member of the Delta Zeta sorority here at Tech. My big sis is Erica Hill. I love My BIG! Anything that has to do with the Beatles is completely amazing to me. The Beatles, the sixties, Delta Zeta, peace signs, the beach, shoes, and big purses are some of my favorite things in the world. My life is average. Its me...sometimes it might be boring or dull but those are the moments when I can reflect and cherish every moment I have.