the life of a modern hippy

the life of a modern hippy

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sisters for Life

When I joined Delta Zeta I didn't realize how much there was under the surface of just being in a sorority. The day I joined Delta Zeta I had no idea that I was joining a life long sisterhood. I have two sisters at home and they are always there in the blink of an eye but when I came to college there was no way for them to truly be there for me. By joining Delta Zeta I gained 60 new sisters who are there through thick and thin. This first year of college has been hard for me here at Arkansas Tech but I get by with a little help from my sisters. Being a true sister means never giving up on someone, being their shoulder to cry on when boys are dumb, just a phone call away no matter what time of night it may be. There is a bond between my sisters and myself that no one could come between. They make me happy even on the cloudiest of days. I find a peace of mind in each of them that I wish I could find in myself sometimes. I know that I could move thousands of miles away and still talk to them like it was yesterday. My big sis, Erica Hill, has been a huge influence on me this past semester. Throughout high school I had friends that would come and go and I had those few close ones that I still talk to every once in a while and when I came to college I told myself I wouldn't just have random friends I would have best friends with bonds that lasted forever and the first person to step into my life that I know will never leave my side is Erica. She has counseled me through former roommate problems to boy issues she sticks close by me and I know that no matter the distance we will always be closer than best friends could imagine.

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