the life of a modern hippy

the life of a modern hippy

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gym Time/Spring Break

It's almost Spring Break which means that I have started hitting the gym along with every other person who is wanting to get in shape for Spring Break or just in general. Tech Fit is a nice gym but during the hours they are open its so crowded that I don't want to go in there so I've joined Maxx Nutirtion not to far from the campus so that I can go at my own convenience. Maxx is open until 1 am and my roommate, Charissa and I go together because its always nice to have someone to talk to while your working out.
I've noticed since Charissa and I have started going to the gym together that we have grown much closer. We discuss everything from politics to our love lives. Its a time for us to just let loose and be ourselves without anyone else's criticism.
Spring Break is coming up and with that comes my birthday as well. March 14 YAY!! But my spring break this year will not consist of beaches, sand, and an ocean but the inside of a movie store. MovieTown is where I will spend my spring break because I am a broke college student that needs money to pay her bills. So many things to do just not enough money to do them with. I have a list of things I want a Northface jacket, Vera Bradley tote bag, a new tattoo, new shoes, a Delta Zeta bag, and a Delta Zeta jacket. The list goes on and on. Clothes are definately something that I want and need more of these days so these are my reason and my motivation for working all of spring break while my friends are all out on cruises or beaches.

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