the life of a modern hippy

the life of a modern hippy

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Caf Conversations

Oh the caf. When coming into college I dreaded going to the caf because I never went in high school but I knew that in college things are completely different and I kind of had to eat at some point. I always go to the caf at noon with a group of my sisters and other friends. We always have the most random conversations that are quite pointless actually. Everything is out on the table from what people are doing that weekend to who is on the news to politics. The food is always an interesting combination to go along with our randomness. Sometimes we laugh so loud that everyone looks at us but at least we are laughing instead of throwing orange soda at each other which we have seen happen between some of the football players that eat there. Things that you start to notice in the caf are interesting as well such as all the football players drink HiC punch or gatorade, you can tell when someone is a freshman because the first thing they go for is the pizza, and the random people who make stuffed animals into backpacks. All the fraternities sit together, cereal is always a must if nothing else is good, you can turn bending silver ware into an art form....oh and the steak and shrimp night is very over rated. The caf is a must at least in a persons college career:)

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