the life of a modern hippy

the life of a modern hippy

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Ozark Mission Project aka my life in the summer! My big is on staff again this year. I can not wait for camp. I've been to OMP every summer since eigth grade, I can't imagine my summer without at least one week of OMP. It is the most amazing experience to help someone in need and give them the Lord's word. Every year I meet a neighbor and I know that God has sent me this very person for a reason. That reason may just be because they are lonely but other times it has been they needed someone to show them the way or give that little push they needed to do great things in their area. One summer I was in West Memphis and I worked for this older couple in a very rough part of town. Mr. Berry was the most generous man I have ever worked for at OMP. This was the year I realized God sent me there for a reason. Mr. Berry's wife was very sick with cancer and I was aware of this. He had built his house after they had gotten married over 60 years before which is amazing. This house was literally falling down though. All this sweet little man wanted was for us to paint his house but I found out all he really wanted was someone to talk to. For three days I sat on his back porch with him or he would follow me around while I painted and he would just talk to me. I learned valuable lessons that year at camp, don't trust a man unless you can see both of his hands was one of the first things Mr. Berry ever told me and that scared me but then I realized that where he is from that was just a part of everyday life. My life was changed that week and every year I return to OMP and get more and more filled with God's spirit and life and it lifts me up just to think about all the people I have helped!

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