the life of a modern hippy

the life of a modern hippy

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Moving On

About three weeks ago I got a phone call from my best friend that her and her boyfriend of three years had broken up. Leah is definately a fighter for what she wants I've seen her cry, laugh, and get pissed about numerous things in the past few weeks. I love my friends and I just want them all to be happy but when she asked me how I got over the boy I loved for a year I wasn't sure how to respond because you can never truly get over your first love. Your first love is like that constant in your life that you never want to leave, the whisper in the wind when you know you're all alone, the hands that hold you tight when the rest of the world shuts you out, and the person that you couldn't imagine your life without. Sometimes I look back on my relationship and wonder if I really was in love or if I just loved everything about him. I loved his smile, the way he made me feel, the way he told me everything would be ok, but was I really in love with our relationship and him? I don't think I ever truly was in love with him. He was my everything and more but did I want to spend the rest of my life with him, probably not because I wasn't crazy about fighting everyday or going a few days without speaking to each other. That isn't how a relationship works. It takes two people, two hearts, and two souls to over come everything in a relationship. You have to have full trust in a person and to know that they trust you just as much. Relationships are hard these days and people don't have enough respect for each other. More marriages fall apart than ever before and more people lie to their spouse now than past times. Your significant other is supposed to be the person you go to for everything, your best friend, and your soul mate so if you can't trust that person then why be with them in the first place.

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